Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Last year SGUL Sikh Society showed a video about Vaisakhi. The event was such a sucess that we thought it would be appropriate to put it up here in the wake of another approaching Vaisakhi. If you've ever wondered why Sikh's celebrate Vaisakhi, then here is an excellent video describing the miracle of Vaisakhi. It would be great if people can email in their photos snaps of their respective Vaisakhi celebrations or email in any short articles regarding their Nagar Kirtain experiences which they would like to share.

Sikhism: The Basics and Foundamentals

Despite the range of literature available, it is still quite tricky to find media which appropriately and successfully portray the basics and foundations of Sikhism. Here is quite a good video describing many areas of Sikhism and makes for a good watch if you have some time. It describes much of the basics of Sikhism, and is portrayed in a non-biased format, however it is quite a long video, enjoy!